Mighty Optical Illusions

Cool Upside Down Illusion Glasses

These Heads Up Juice Glasses (which can be found in our partner store) come with two glasses consisted of multiple meaning illusions, one featuring a boy and one featuring a girl, both of which transform into an older version of the same character when flipped upside down.

I have to say, I think the girl illusion above is way stronger than the boy one below. The man with the beard on the boy’s cup is much harder to see than any of the other characters, mostly because of his weirdly wrinkled brow.

Of course, if you require a little inebriation prior to being able to see your illusions, you might consider skipping the glasses and going right to the bottle. This Before & After beer can help remind you just what might happen if you down a few too many bottles.

Here’s to hoping none of your night’s events end up looking quite so drastically different by the light of day!

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