Who Says We Don’t Have Barack Obama Illusion?

I thinks we had some pretty quality optical illusions lately. Do you share my opinion? As you probably noticed, Mighty Illusions has always been up to date with world news and politics. Those of you who follow this blog more deeply, remember my reflection on current economic crisis and USA Presidential Elections. Few weeks ago we presented you with brand new Barack Obama afterimage, but this wasn’t our last Presidential illusion – No Sir! Today we bring you another awesome Obama animation. This Scheibe Illusion was first conceived as the Margaret Thatcher Illusion, then updated to George Bush illusion, and finally updated to Barack Obama version. Barack states he is “pro-science”, so he probably won’t mind this.

The explanation of the image should go something like this: “Vestibular Correction keeps the image on your visual cortex steady even though your eyes are moving around wildly. But the vestibular correction system has its limits. What you see below is an animated GIF image which flips every five seconds. First look at the upside down image. Both faces look normal, but when they flip you will see how weird one of the faces really is. We have no trouble recognizing the person, but since we recognize facial features with a whole other part of the brain, the vestibular thing got garbled in part”.

43 Replies to “Who Says We Don’t Have Barack Obama Illusion?”

  1. Obama is not so much an “Illusion” as he is a “DILLUSION”.

    lets get all the same old party hacks to create ‘change’… RIGHT.

  2. so does this work with any face? could i photoshop my own pic amd turn my mouth and eyes upside down or is ot only some people’s faces?

  3. Correction to anonymous… the spelling is “delusion,” not “dillusion.” It is difficult to take such livid political comments seriously when they include blatant spelling errors.

    This is very cool… whoever flipped the features did a good job at photoshopping

  4. S’pretty good – but can I request that you don’t have moving images as the one supplied to the widget? The blinking of Obama in the middle of my iGoogle page is driving me mad enough to throw a shoe at him :)

  5. he, change, yeah right, hes a good guy, but like all those other prez’s b4 him, he’ll just act like an ass,i support him though, cuz anyone’s better than bush, great illusion too.

  6. Agree with No. 1 Anonymous poster.

    If you ask most Americans why they voted for Obama, the answer would be:

    “Well, erm, yeah, errr? CHANGE!!!! That’s it!”

    On the illusion, got the mouth but eyes fooled me.

  7. To those saying this is not an illusion – what are you looking for??? (forget the politics) I think this is a great illusion – it illustrates exactly how the eye and brain work; that what we ‘see’ is not always what we see!

  8. Yeah i agree with Michael because yall just vote for McCain because hes white but we voted Obama because of the opportunities. So shut up

  9. HAHA that is so funny what maxxx said!!!! I totally agree; Whenever I go to my dashboard I can only keep it up for a sec, bc I cant tolerate the flashing obama on the widget anymore.

    I’m not gonna lie, im really looking forward to some…..CHANGE!!!!!!

    P.S. To the foreigners who seem to think that the reason”most Americans” voted for Obama was for change…I think the word “change” (amongst a whole slew of labels created by agenda-driven media geniuses) has been given way too much weight. On the other hand, it seems like the last 8 years have created a certain situation that is unfavorable, and people literally are looking for change. Anyhow, stop generalizin’ Anon (18.)!

  10. if u look at the 2 images closely u will see that the 2 smiles are different..the mouth isn’t just unside down,it looks as if it is from a different photo, the bottom part of obamas lip in the normal photo is fuller and not stretched, where in the photo that makes him look nuts… it isn’t the same smile…tried measuring it..? i agree w/ the blinking on the google home page in does drive u nuts.

  11. When I play chess I don’t want to be bothered by anti-Bush comments. When I do a crossword, I don’t want to be bothered by anti-Bush comments. When I visit a website about optical illusions I don’t want to be bothered by sneaky anti-Bush comments.

    The guy who controls this websites clearly does not like Obama, that’s his full right but please express your opinion somewhere else and don’t express it in such a sneaky way.

  12. This one was stupid and weong.
    That’s why he’s our president and you people that don’t like him can go suck it!!

  13. OMG I was totally Freaked out when the Obamas flipped, I didn’t know it was going to and when I saw the Obama on the right I almosy had a heart attack…

  14. what does this have to do with polotics. What if he did it to JFK? Would that be wrong also? i think not, so shut the crap up.

  15. Why is it the people who have NOTHING intelligent, interesting,…SPELLED correctly, are the ones who babble the most? YES, it IS an illusion. It might not be ‘interesting’ for you, but, that doesn’t mean it’s not an illusion.

  16. Um, actually…
    I see exactly what i would see if u turn it round, if u get wut i mean.
    I can tell if somethings wrong in a picture even wen its upside down and looks ok.
    Vurdlak, ur ideas dont work on everyone. Everyones brain is different.


  18. This illusion is nothing to do with the vestibular system at all.
    The illusion is that the 2 images look very similar when upside down, but quite different when upright. The brain is much better at processing faces upright (as this is how the vast majority of faces are processed). Some suggest that upright faces are processed “holistically”, and hence you notice the fact that the orientation of the eyes/mouth don’t match the rest of the face. However, upside down faces are processed “by parts”, and hence the mismatch between the orientation of eyes/mouth & face is not noticed.
    There are many other examples of superior upright face processing compared to upside down. This is known as the face inversion effect.

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