What Do You See Illusion

What do you see in the picture below? Look at the picture, then jump inside this post for an explanation.

Scientific research showed that children can’t recognise erotic scenes.

Instead they see 9 dolphins.

On the other hand, adult’s mind is rather “corrupted” so adult person may have problems spoting 9 dolphins at first eye glaze.

If you have trouble spoting dolphins in the first 6 seconds, then your mind is heavily corrupted, and you are seriously obsessed with sex! …better go and practice with easier examples.

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  1. wow, that took me awhile to find the dolphins. well for those interested in the details of this piece:

    Message of Love from the Dolphins (Message d’Amour des Dauphins)
    by Sandro Del-Prete (1987)

  2. Wow, took a little while, but I do see the dolphins. Make sure click on the image to open a bigger sized view. It was hard to focus on the image when the rest of the web page was distracting me. And like other kinds of these images, I defocus my eyes while staring at the image, it seems to help.

  3. I saw the dolphins… took a little longer to recognize the two naked people! Just what are they doing, anyway?

  4. My five year old is already corrupted!!! She didn’t see any dolphins. She saw the woman with her arms up.

  5. It took me a few seconds, but was relieved to see the dolphins…I guess my mind is corrupted, but not too much.

  6. this “corrupted mind” rubbish is just an urban myth. “Scientific research showed”? What research? Who did it? Snopes.com has loads of myths like this one. Beautiful image, anyway, but the text next to it is just nonsense

  7. didn’t you recognise irony ;) ?

    “…if you have trouble spoting dolphins in the first 6 seconds, then your mind is heavily corrupted

  8. Bill (above 4:28) was right. When it’s enlarged it’s easier to see the dolphins. Thanks, too, to the poster who outlined them.

  9. I’m also 11 and didn’t see the dolphins til I had Thomas ella out line them. Am I heavilly corrupted? Hey, dude, your my age…….

  10. hahahahaha . . .dat was funny. all thoses people who couldnt outline da doliphins for us was fronin’. dey aint see nuttin. dey jus tryin make us look bad. THANK U LMAO! dat was cool

  11. OMG, i must b obsessed wiv sx den bcoz all i c is 2 lovers kissin ot oh, i betta not tell mi mum.i cant c no dolphins, dis sux, im not good at dis stuff

  12. oh thanx thomas ella I neva wuld of cn dat at least i sorta no im still a normal uncorrupt kid, thanx farrukh.

  13. I know this is kinda sad but, I’m twelve and the first thing I saw was the two naked people…. I did notice the dolphins once you said there were some though…

  14. I saw teh 2 naked people right away…i finally clicked on teh outlined dolphins link and found teh dolphins. but now that i’m back to teh normal pic…i can’t exactly find teh dolphins anymore…

  15. The corruted theory is totally corrupt itself since the human mind dicipher lighter colors b-fore darker ones.

    Proof: Download and invert the colours and you’ll have a relatively harder time seeing the ‘lovers’.

  16. to those of you who can’t see the dolphins, try focusing on the hair (head and private, lol) of the two couple. Actualy, just focus on the dark shaded areas, and you’ll see the dolphins.

  17. I see both…
    1 dolphins tail is the girls vag and it runs down her right leg..
    the rest are there just look at the shadows..

  18. yeah my little brother is 10 and he said 2 naked people I guess I’ll try my little sister I saw both the dolphins and the people

  19. but i had to read the comments first…thanx..who ever this is:


    on 8:39 PM
    lmfaoo. wow. tha dolphins are tha shadows INSIDE the image.

  20. also for those of you who say ewww guess how you were created (there, no swearing guy who says it isn’t ok to swear and doesn’t show them)

  21. wow.. im surpized that i actually see the dolphins. its ez. 1st i saw two people, a man and a woman.. if you look (im not meaning this to sound bad) between her legs, you can see one, its the shadows that are the dolphins. that is very cool.

  22. Wow it took me 1 second to see the nude people and about 3 more seconds to see all of the dolphins. So I guess I’m not totally currupted. yeah!

  23. I found all nine… In about a minute… And I’m a teenager. It’s just like any other What Do You See illusion.

  24. Well, after squinting at the pictures a bit, I see the dolphins. But then I only got 7 and what appears to be a tiny one. I think I missed the 9th one…
    It’s difficult to tell apart the dolphins from the background though.

  25. look at the top of the bottle and you’ll see 2 dolphins kissing or something. then look in the middle of the people and you’ll see 2 medium sized dolphins that are kinda tiny. then look in the middle of those 2 dolphins and you’ll see an itsy bitsy super tiny very small dolphin

  26. yeah i havent seen a single dolphin and ive been staring at this thing for a while my lil sis found them easy and so did my parents! im only 14 i should see at least one!

  27. Yeah i have found 8 of them… it wasnt hat hard, all yo have to do it look past the naked people…. clear ur mind of any wrong thinking and then look…. :)

  28. Actually, my little brother (6 years old) was looking with me and said he saw a woman. I guess that theory is proved wrong then. :)

  29. ha ha ha ha ha!!! it took me a while to figure this one out! and just in case you are wondering, there are 9 dolphins, my niece pointed them out for me!

  30. What is with all these people who can’t see the dolphins?

    It took me a few seconds to register that the image was not abstract, but after it did register, I saw the one of the dolphins on the left AND the figures AT THE SAME TIME. After that, I actively started searching for additional dolphins and came up with a total of nine.


    But… by now you are more like 13, yes?

  32. wow i stared at it for lik 30 mins and still couldnt see the dolphins they must be crazy and i am only 12 i am heavily corrupted

  33. Nice…I didn’t see the dolphins at first, but then after looking for a long time I found them. So I decided to test your statement about children. I ask my 5 year old, to look at the picture. I say what is it? She says “A Bottle”, to which I ask her what is on the bottle, and she replies “A Person”…Thanks!

  34. dude that’s awesome haha
    thanks to Thomas Ella i could recognize the dolphins
    it is quite hard, though
    i don’t wanna be a freakin’ perv!

  35. I saw the two people getting it on first, but the dolphins I saw too. Once I read the text, I easily saw the dolphins. I just didn’t know what we were supposed to look for.

    If I went up to you and said “what do you see in my backyard” and there was just grass, you would say “grass”. This test would say “there are bugs too, so your obsessed with grass”.

  36. I couldn’t see the dolfins because I was trying to avoid looking at the people. so sense i was trying to avoid them I wouldn’t see thier shadows.

  37. i couldn’t see them so I looked at the comments and read them and then I could see the dolphins plus the two people doin it

  38. I’m 11 years old and I can’t see the dolphins. I sat there looking at it for 10 minutes and still can’t see the dolphins.

  39. hahahaha i must be a totally obsessed with sex or something because all i see are to people well… you know im 14 thats just sad

  40. My little brother is 9, and i wanted to see if he would see the dolphins, do you think that a 9 year old would be to old to see the dolphins, because i don’t want to scar his little mind.

  41. I’m a KID, and I couldn’t find the dolphins for,like,half an’ hour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. i see the dolphins but what part of the dolphins are the nipples and her belly button supposed to be
    huh? corrupted minds my ass

  43. i dont agree with that little note… i think probably almost everybody including kids would probably spot the two people first but not exactly in the detail. anyways u can obviously tell the dolphins are in the background and harder to notice…

  44. I think that the theory is that a kid must be oblivious to the whole sex thing in america, and it is harder to find someone who isnt. it took me awhile but im not ashamed of my mind being corrupted, i belive that this study should be redone to see the results.

  45. FFS, stop lying to people. Unless you can quote the name of the research you are no better than the other thousands of people who just copy some shit from the internet onto their blog. There have been no such study, it is blatantly false, and all you are managing to do by this post is making people show erotic images to their kids.

    Yay you – pedophile.

  46. OMG OMG OMG .. im 13 and i can see them . dont look in the center. look just on the edges of the jar . i saw this in 3 seconds . so easy. 2 dolphins.

  47. Im almost 11 and the first thing i saw was the…
    two people.
    took me a few minutes to see the dolphins~

  48. Yeah… took hours to see the dolphins…

    The key is zoom…!!!
    No way you can see the dolphins with small size…

  49. i am a kid and i new that there was people having sex but i look at this and saw my boyfriend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  50. ohhhh…. now i see them…………….. there are way too many unnecessary things in the pic 4 a kid not to see that

  51. Im 10 and i can see the 2 naked people

    I had to look on the outlined one to see them

    I officialy have a corrupted mind lmbo

    P.S lmbo means laughing my bu off

  52. i don’t see any dolphins..been looking at the picture for a couple days in different sites..but no dolphins there.. just a couple

  53. Oh gosh.
    I was staring at it forever, I’m only twelve, and I only saw two nude people.
    Then, I zoomed in, and I went ” OH! ”
    Lawl. I’m such a perv~ xD

  54. ugh im 12 and i couldnt find the dolphins for 10 minutes. i guess its not that bad (hint: look at the shadows within the people)

  55. It’s in the shape of a human I think even little kids who still have no idea what sex is would see the people if it was on a white backround THEN maybe you could see the dolphins more

  56. . . . im 13. . . it took me like 30 seconds to find the first dolphin. then i found 7 more real quick. but it took me a long time to find the 9th. The first thing i saw was 2 ppl having sex then i read that i was supposed to see dolphins and it took forever to catch on.

  57. i saw both dolphines and the lovers at same time :). easy. but i only saw 6 dolphines XD.
    am 32 years old, am i still too childish for my age then? XD *laughs alot*

  58. Lol, I’m 14 and I only saw the naked man and the woman at first glance XD. I was able to count all the dolphins too, though =P

  59. lol i think i even see 10 o_O
    there’s a really small one between the top two dolphins

    but i admit i saw the people first :/

  60. my mind is very corrupted… i already knew that.

    I still don’t see the dolphins… all i see is a man getting lucky.

  61. I’m 13 and i have trouble seeing the dolphins. I’ve never had a boyfriend, and am not lesbian. MY LITTLE SIS IS 6 AND SHE DID NOT SEE DOLPHINS TILL LIKE 30 SEC. LATER.

  62. i see a man and woman having sex and 9 dolphins…….the dolphins are in the dark spots in the pictures

  63. im12 and i dont see 9 dolphins i see a man holding a woman from behind (im not retarded anyone can see that)

  64. been starin’ at it for the last 5 minutes….. so where the hell are the dolphins!!! I am 35! ,maybe that’s why!!


  65. I saw the couple first, but it didn’t take me long to find all the dolphins. :)

    Do children really see the dolphins first? That’s really cool.

  66. haha, i was expecting my younger brother to see the dolphins but this is what he said : ” i see two naked adults kissing hard. “

  67. The first time I saw this, I was nine and I saw the dolphins… Now I’m twelve and I couldn’t see them until after about a minute.

  68. Dude, my bro is 10 and he said:

    Why there is people making sex there?

    Then i read the description and then i wanted to find the 9 dolphins.
    That really scared me.

  69. i found the couple and also the dolpins–i actually didnt see the couples at the first seek–but afterwards i seen it then followed by the dolphins whahaha

  70. I’m 11 and I don’t see dolphins! All I see is two ppl screwin! My mind must be screwed up or something.

    1. well if u actually r six years old how the hell could you right so well? im pretty shure ur parents wont right it for your. so im guess u arent six!lieerr

  71. I am 10 years old. I saw the uh, ahem, couple, but a few seconds after I saw the dolphins. So obviously, I am not seeing what i should be at first. GRR….

  72. i saw all 9 dolphins within first 5-8 seconds and matter of fact saw tail of tenth dolphin at the left knees of couple and i am a 47 yr old married man.

  73. I’m 12 and this is just wrong I’m NEVER coming to this site if THIS is what their gonna put up

  74. I’m 10.

    I saw a naked couple first.
    Took me 10 seconds to find all nine dolphins!
    Took me 2 seconds to find the first dolphin.

  75. I think the reason of the ‘scientific research’ result is that kids have not witnessed or imagines such scenes so something that has not existed for them will not be visible.

  76. My nephews are in pre-k and kindergarden but they didn’t see the dolphins! I asked Gabriel first and he said aunt october why is there two naked people in the bottle? and when I asked Kori he said I see dolphins but why are is there a naked lady in the middle of the bottle? I laughed so hard it’s really funny! Bye! Oh I saw the couple first then about 3 minutes later I saw dolphins im only 13 LOL

  77. If Tyri hadn’t said to look at the shadows I never would have found the optical illusion pertaining the dolphins and I’m 10 x 6 yrs old and then some! (for facebood friends; this is fun; Brain Games at “moillusions.com”

    PS – Like I have time messing around with this??? But it IS more fun than doing what I’m suppose to be doing; dishes, paperwork, laundry, floors – Oh Well!

  78. Yari saved me by saying look at the shadows, or I never would have found those illusive little mammels! AND, it’s been a long time
    since I was a kid! (a very long time)

  79. Looked at it for 5 min,,,, saw naked woman and a guy behind her havin a good time within a second =P still cant find any dolphins,,, at all

  80. I first saw the erotic picture but then I saw the dolphins(only after reading the text under it) and I’m 14.

  81. holy crap – this took me FOREVER to get.
    I couldn’t see ANY dolphins; i was looking at the base where the jug is in water and trying to figure out if the dolphins were in or jumping out of the water or something… literally had to zoom in on this 10 times and look very very very carefully. I’d say this is definitely an exercise in negative spaces… Very cool.

  82. Apparently there must be some octopuses there, too, squirting tons of ink into the water, ’cause there’s a lot more than just the dolphins (which I could not see at all until I magnified the image considerably) to that image. And just who thought it was a good idea to bottle dolphins? (Not to be confused with bottlenose dolphins.) What about some air for them?? THEY’RE DROWNING, PEOPLE!!!

    I think I like the erotic image better.

  83. okay i saw the erotic pic thing at first glance and itoke me like 3 minutes to find the nine dolphines so im pretty messed up
    btw im a 13 year old girl

  84. this scientific stuff is a load of crap, i found not ONE dolphin, im 14, im a CHILD? “Scientific, mhm, my ass :)

  85. lol im 14 i saw both scenes at the same time!
    a man n a woman fucking n ther r dolphins i didnt count em

  86. Does no one see it’s a glass bottle standing on wett ground? Hehe
    Ok, in what way can we tell a brain is corrupt, and what is the proof? If you focus on the dark spots you see dolphins. If you focus on the light, you see two happy people. Why is the brain corrupt if it focus on the light?

  87. I just showed this to my 3 y.o. and she said it was a lady. Not very good scientific evidence for me. That’s some B.S.

  88. Man.. you think you’ve got problems? I’m staring at this for 5 minutes and I cant see just one fucking dolphin..

  89. Why is seeing one part of an optical illusion first rather than another a sign of “corruption”? If I see the faces first instead of the vase on that popular illusion am I meant to be obsessed with faces? Or is it a sign that I’ve not yet been corrupted by vases?

  90. wow, whos bored enough to even research that?
    and i must be pretty messed up because i just saw sex, and im 13

  91. we saw boobies and 2 ppl (having woopsies)
    and 13 dolphins and they were naked
    [img]what do you see illusion[/img]

  92. Ummm… I can’t find even ONE dolphin… I always knew I had a bit of a dirty mind but I didn’t think I was THIS bad. lol

  93. Uh.. I can’t see the dolphins at all. After like a minute I found a couple. If there was no caption I could have this on my wall and never see them.

  94. Its hard to see the dolphins when the image is small. Which might explain why some of the younger people are seeing the erotic image, because they aren’t seeing a big enough image. If your having trouble seeing the dolphins you can put the image in paint and invert the colours. The brain focuses more on the light image.

    1. At last!!!… Actually I use to shrink these pictures to better spot the hidden stuff. With this example its better to ampliate;)

  95. I know me and my family (My brother, sister, and mother) don’t have a corrupted mind, we know that, but I only see 1 dolphin underneath the bottle. I think it’s just a corrupted picture.

  96. I really cant see the dolphins…but im not addict to sex i dont get it i dont watch porn and i think sex is wrong till marrige so why would i not see the dolphins

    ps: im 14 so i guess its just a hormone thing

  97. I had seen this illusion before and could not find the dolphins! So I just thought of it, and searched out this illusion to find those gosh-durned dolphins. And after a minute of concentration, I FOUND THEM!

    HINT for the rest of you dirty-minded folk: this is a classic negative image illusion in reverse sort of. The dolphins are the darker shapes. Consider the lighter shapes that make up the dirty bits to be the background and ignore them. E.g., the pubic area is the TAIL of a dolphin that makes up part of the lady’s leg to your left. The space between the lady’s arms and the lovers’ heads are dolphins.

    Once you’ve seen one or two, the rest are easier to find.

  98. my 8 year old sister was in the room when i saw this. im just glad she didnt look at the computer.
    it took me like 3 minutes to see the dolphins. and im only 12

  99. My 6-year-old sister saw a girl dancing, 4-year old sister said same thing…..

    I am 18 and saw the dolphins right off, as well as the “erotic” image. If I looked at the dark images I saw the dolphins, changed my focus to the white and I saw the people. My twin brother stared at it for a long while and couldn’t see the dolphins, even after I pointed them out it took him a minute to see it.

  100. Yeah im pretty sure ur not 4 cuz u wouldn’t be thinking of naked people right when you see this and im pretty sure 4 year olds don’t know what an email is and dont know how to spell the word “people” properly.

    Your probably like 11 years old im guessing.

  101. I’m 12 and I saw the two people. It took 5 minutes to see the dolphins, and even then I had to cheat. Holy crap. I think I need help O.O

  102. I just tested my 4 year old son. He said immediately that it’s a girl… with 4 legs… and 4 arms. Not that corrupted after all.

  103. I am 9 and I didn’t see any dolphins!I had to read some comments just to see where the illusion was!And I am a girl BTW.

  104. You know, I don’t think you guys have to cry over this illusion. i’m sure not all of you think of such things day and night. What this illusion is trying to say is that you’ve been exposed to these things, and that’s not necessarily your fault. You have to consider the environment around you.

  105. you’re not corrupted. i’m pretty sure “no studies have shown” what the explanation claims. the dolphins are drawn as part of the negative space so obviously you’re eyes are drawn to the white space first.

  106. Hello may I use the picture for my text? I would really need this picture so I can explain better?

    Answer quickly! :)

  107. my 8 year old says he sees a fairy trapped in a bottle!! I only see the tow getting it on. no dolphins at all!

  108. While i do see the dolphins the fact renmains that the picture contour and the details added by the dolphins still paint an EROTIC PICTURE!!

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