60 Replies to “More Sidewalk Chalk Illusions”

  1. The 1st picture even half fooled me… batman and wonder woman looked unrealistic, but everything else didn’t until i looked in the sidewalk!

  2. I love these side walk drawings. The spiderman one looks like you could fall in between the biuldings if your not carefull.

  3. These are AWESOME. Love the Batman one, how the artist’s on the little platform. And it’s really cool how the globe was 3D at first, then they moved the camera a little to show that it was really flat.

    This entry kinda reminds me of this. (My favorite is definately the first fountain.)

  4. The last one is, I think, the most impressive. Drawing himself in the act of drawing himself, complete with the artwork his self-drawn self is drawing, which is also drawing himself. And the demensions for all of that is correct, so that you think there are at least 4 demensions of drawers and mirrors. Fabulous!

  5. these are very very fantastic!!!!i’m just about watching these on fuji tv today.
    i wanna go to watch them directly^^

  6. haha imagine if it started to rain just as they finished! haha id cry if that was me…but theyre terribly skilled

  7. i would have to admit that the last picture and the spiderman picture were probably the most “eluding” in terms of how realistic they appeared.

  8. WOW they are really cool! they are all fantastic! my friends even thought that the batman one was real!!!! well done!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxx amy aimee and shannon

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