More “Handimal” Illusions by Guido Daniele

Last two days I was over my head with work, and missed updating MOIllusions. Still, my work involved some “soon-to-be-announced” gifts for you – just in time for Christmas. Stay tuned and expect something big really soon! In the mean time, I give you Guido Daniele’s new Handimals! Before you check these, make sure you’re already familiar with his work. Browse Hand Painted Animals Part I and Part II before you proceed. This time Guido painted more animals, and I must agree they look incredibly real. There are so many to choose from, I still haven’t managed to publish them all. Be sure to visit the artist’s website for more. Here is a short bio of Guido:

“Guido Daniele started working as hyper-realistic illustrator, in co-operation with major editing and advertising companies, using and testing different painting techniques. In 1990 he added a new artistic experience to his previous ones: using the body painting technique, he creates and paints models bodies for different situations such as advertising pictures, commercials, fashion events and exhibitions. Guido is most famous for his “Handimals”, created by secret body painting methods.”

50 Replies to “More “Handimal” Illusions by Guido Daniele”

  1. Very Cool! Talk about some awesome talent. Anyone have an idea who the artist is who painted these “handimal” drawings?

  2. I am really glad that Guido has seen fit to plaster his crappy logo all over the later images. Maybe he wouldn’t be so paranoid if he hadn’t greedily snatched the devil’s coin for his previous work.

  3. Lovely!:) Put in a great order too! because when i saw the elephant one i was like oh yeahr! you can use a finger for the trunk… I think my favourite is the Dolphin
    The second elephant one was cool too as it was striking :) and big/close up.
    I don’t quite understand the very last one though?

    and @KEVIN – yeah, also most of the images are watermarked so i dunno how you didn’t spot that either.

  4. wow these are so cool!
    the closest i’ve ever gotten to doing something remotely like that is drawing the little face and making the mouth move. (with the thumb) :D

  5. Yes, very beautiful. Even the backgrounds are lovely. I think the eyes are what make them so realistic, all bright and reflective.

  6. 3rd? go me if yes!! the art is great but its not an illusion really coz i mean its just paint on a hand.nuthing hidden

  7. Those paintings are great, totally awesome. But the less than subtle watermark somehow spoils it for me. Do you really have to put such a huge stamp straight over your wonderfull pictures, Guido?

  8. As a tattoo flash artist…i do understand the NEED for the infamous ensures that if someone wants the art un-marked…that they PAY for it. the internet for pictures has all but ruined the world of art on paper..and i begrudge NOTHING to the artists that make sure that their art work remains theirs…

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