Hybrid Cat Optical Illusion

So you see a cat, big deal – I can spot it as well. But did you know, that if you move back from your computer screen, you will see a completely different animal?! In order to see the photo in it’s other form, I recommend standing 3 or more meters away from your screen. Do you see what is the illusion now? If you are regular visitor, you will remember this isn’t the first time we post Hybrid Images on our weblog. If memory servers me correctly, the first one was with Albert Einstein and Marylin Monroe, following Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide, Dolphin Car, Hybrid Collection and others. Can you remember if there were others as well? Would be cool! By the way, Aude Oliva and Antonio Torralba have created this flick back in 2006. You may also enjoy: Thatcher or Blair optical illusion.

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  1. Doesn’t work with me.
    At all.

    Just to verify: I stand next to it and I see a cat with gingery hair except grey on the nose. I see the same from as far away as my room and passage let me go.

  2. Oh god! that’s good one! Its nose is actually tongue. if u don’t see it, try to look behind it, and u wont see it clearly, but it helps you. that’s how i got it.

  3. Yes, I see a dog aswell. A little one. Not bad. The mouth moves up a little and the dark spot between the eyes becomes the nose.

  4. This effect has to do with something called “spatial frequency” which is comparable to the resolution of an image. Normally we see everything with high spatial frequency, because the visual system uses its best acuity. For that reason we don’t see low spatial frequencies if they are covered by high spatial frequencies. If we move away from the image, it is as if you decrease the size of the image. The visual system cannot process the high spatial frequencies anymore (the details become too fine), thus we see the lower spatial frequencies we would normally not see and they reveal: A dog.

    You can make one yourself with photoshop: Take two identical pictures of yourself, one where you smile, one where you look angry. Then blur the angry face a lot and use the option “high pass” on the happy face. Overlay them on top of each other (average) and voilà!
    Is not quite so beautiful, but works great.

  5. It looks to me like a pug, I believe. I couldn’t really see it until I moved away and crossed my eyes a little, but it got really clear then.

  6. Cool! I see a cat up close and a dog farther out. But is it just me, or does someone else see a Native American dude?

  7. If I stand back and squint so my vision blurs, I suppose it could look like a Yorkshire Terrier, otherwise, it just looks like a cat to me!

  8. That sucks, you cant get far enough away from the screen to see any difference. even from 3M. from the side it could be a Puppy, or maybe even a human but the cat in it is still strong

  9. couldn’t really see anything by moving far away so i resized it in paint and it looks like ‘a cute little puppy’ :P:) Well… it looks like a pug or something, yeah like someone else said the nose is a tongue and the dark bit is its nose.

  10. It is definitely a cat judging by the nose and the placement of the whiskers. The eyes have somewhat of an elliptical shape also.

  11. Wow I see a Pug!Squint a little, then you’ll see it.

    Btw does anyone think it has funny-looking eyes up close?

  12. hum…i stood some meters away…hum….it remained a cat..i mean..i can’t see the other animal…LOL

    1. okayy so its a rabiit thing and u,, its ok jeez dont be mean and also give me the weed hand it over i want it

  13. did not see the dog but when i was far away from my monitor the cat was moving its head from side to side as it was looking out from my monitor into my room… and it was leaning out from my monitor to watch around in the room. kind of creepy ^^. but fun.

  14. I saw the pug, but only after I read the post that explained it. When I tried just looking from a distance I still saw a cat. When they suggested I look for a pug, only then did I see it.

  15. i wanted to see what it was after about 5 mins of stareing at the screen 3 meters away i decided to give up … what is it ?

  16. stood away from my screen about 12ft. all i saw was a cat. should have stood on my front lawn and used binoculars. this one sucks.

  17. I don’t know guys… I kinda saw a seal. I don’t see the dog in there anywhere and I went clear across the room. But, that frog? Totally there. You can see it in the upper righthand corner.

  18. I try to go back dude but i live in japan so i cant far away from 3 meters to my computer!!! u kn belibed

  19. It’s supposed to be an owl… but like a lot of these the 2nd image is not as great as the first since it relies on your NOT being able to see very much (blurring). You can see it by narrowing your eyes and purposely blurring your vision if you can’t walk far enough away!

  20. I wear reading glasses, so when I move away I see the cat then when I look thru my glasses, I see the Pug dog

  21. I see a pug dog! So cute! I guess there is no right or wrong answer though, what you see is what you get

  22. Looks like a pug if I squint my eyes and back up. The dark spot above the cat nose is the dog nose, and the cat nose is the toungue of the dog. Hope this helps!

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