The Hidden Tiger Illusion

I just finished posting an interesting Interactive Magic Trick, on Mighty Tricks homepage, and now came here to update you with newest optical illusion for today. I just hope it already became your habit to check both websites when one is updated. This is because I update both sites at the same time, just one after another. If you want to be the first to know when the site’s are updated, you should better subscribe to our widgets or RSS feeds for both sites.

I’m sorry that in every post I babble about Mighty Tricks website, but you have to realize that it’s a new project of mine, and I’m just trying to make it more popular, informing wider public about it. Now let’s jump to our new illusion. For today I prepared an interesting spot the object painting, created by American wildlife artist Rusty Rust, that shows a huge Bengal Tiger standing in a bamboo forest. We had a similar Lion Illusion, Panda Bears Illusion, Wolves Illusion, and many more… If you are asking yourself why Rusty named this picture “The Hidden Tiger“, your assignment is to figure out why! When you find it – comment, just don’t reveal the secret, so other users can have fun spotting it too.

Hidden Tiger Optical Illusion

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  1. That’s pretty cool. I was looking for it and didn’t see it. Then I got distracted by something and glanced back and there it was! The hidden tiger!

  2. I’m confused…
    Is there supposed to be two tigers, or just the plainly obvious one?

    (Or is this something that color blind people can see really easy, and normal vision people find hard?)

  3. OK, I’m having problems with this one. This sux since it seems that everyone else is getting it with little problems.

    Can we at least get a subtle hint. Like, is it upside down, right side up, or sideways… Is it in the same pose as the obvious tiger, or completely different… Don’t give it completely away though.

  4. WOW… try as I might, I could not find it… I sent it to a friend… and then she tells me… and CRACK it just pops out… I wish I coulda found it myself, but oh well… excellent BTW… great

  5. Usually, I don’t have much difficulties finding the hidden image in this type of illusion. But for this one, I have to admit I’m stuck. I just don’t see anything beside the obvious tiger and the forest.

    So, don’t get discouraged by some comments like: “too easy”.

    Some people seem to like making others feel stupid.

  6. oh man, that took me forever, and then my friend told me where it was. it’s like that mountain with Jesus. lol, but this was good

  7. Finally found it. Not too obvious. It jumped at me when I saw a smaller version of the picture (widget).

  8. sooooo wow I feel like a complete idiot…no idea what’s going on. And i’m usually quite good with these things :(

  9. that is awesome. i didn’t notice it at first but then i seen it & was like “duh” haha.

    btw.. great hint andy.

  10. me and my friend thought we saw it at first, but then thought that wasn’t it and looked for another 15 min. and stood about 7 feet away and saw that it was the one we thought at first.hint: it has yellow eyes

  11. I saw it in a matter of seconds because it looks kinda strange and sort of out of place. idk it was weird. That’s a good one tho. A hint for those confused, the hidden tiger doesn’t necesarily have to take the form of a tiger.
    good luck!

  12. THERE IS NO HIDDEN TIGER!!! HAHA, I FIGURED IT OUT!!! But seriously, WHERE IS IT???? I have been staring at it for TWENTY MINUTES and I STILL can’t find it!!!

  13. I think the already posted comments give quite a few clues to the hidden stuff.
    Cool image, nice work.

    Glance back at the image a couple of times and the hidden tiger will eventually show up

  14. Very nice. I had a puzzle book where one of the puzzles was like this- took me just a few seconds to remember.

  15. Wow! That’s actually great! I was struggling for the longest time….

    “The Hidden Tiger” is indeed right there!

  16. This is pretty clever, it took me a minute or two to work it out, but all the same a good way to get the brain ticking.

  17. OMG i found the HIDDEN tiger!!!! im so amazing
    i found it so amazing that they got a tiger in a tree!!!!!!!!!!wow…………….

  18. Wow! It took me quite a long time to see it! One tip : if you’re just looking at his STAY… I can tell you what your missings ARE…

  19. wow i found it thats good i was looking around for totally the wrong thing but now i found it, that wickid

  20. Wow, I was stumped for about 30 seconds and then it jumped out at me.. I was just looking for the wrong thing. (for those still stuck, it’s not so much an illusion, you just have to know what you’re trying to find..)

  21. I was looking everywhere except for the right spot. After a while I saw it, it’s cool. But it’s sneaky too ;)

  22. I didn’t find it so easy, but I finally succeded!..small clue: maybe you’re not looking for what you expect to be looking for!
    (sorry for bad english)

  23. nup….sorry… i cannot see anything

    i’m lookin though, but i dont know for what….

    i guess the title makes it quite obvious, so i think i should say ‘i dont know where to look…..’


    (can someone plz help???)

  24. ahhhhh! I can’t believe it. that’s a good one… i really didn’t get it until I started looking really closely. nice one!

  25. why do my comments never get published????????????????
    i never write anything bad
    And i write one everyday but its never there

  26. Brilliant……Love this one spent ages loking and could not find it, went out came back and wham there it was.

  27. Ahh, i cant see it!! I really want to know what it is!! does is have a tiger in it (besides the one that is plainly obvious) ir does it say tiger……i dont know.

  28. For those who don’t see it, A.J. give a good hint. Add Vern comment and you should be able to find it.

  29. i am really confused…
    is the hidden tiger the actual tiger in the picture? can someone help me with this?

  30. I can’t see it either. I checked out the other ones, like the lion and panda, and could see it easily. Can someone please let us know where it is and start off your comment by saying if you don’t want to know what it is, stop reading this comment, that way if someone doesn’t want to know, they don’t have to read it. Thanks!

  31. Hint for those who struggle: If you can’t spot a hidden tiger, maybe you’ll find “THE HIDDEN TIGER”

  32. is this fake or somat iv wrote so many comments but none of them seem to go through what is up with this thing its rubbish. YOU WILL REGRET IT

  33. just put it this way, when you find it youll find its not what you were probaly looking for. took even me a while

  34. Wait i dont get it. Is there another Tiger except for that huge one right in the middle of the screen?

  35. Nice! This was one of the first ones that stumped me at first on this site. But keep at it and it will pop out sooner or later.

    Now I cant look at it without seeing it!

  36. i was looking for a tiger for so long, that i thought again and figured it must be easier than that. once i found it, i felt pretty stupid that it took so long.

  37. At first, I thought the tiger might have yellow eyes. But not at all ! And now, I find THE HIDDEN TIGER.

  38. MY GOD!! This wound me up for all of about 10mins, at which point i wanted to throw my laptop out of the window. As i picked it up ready to perform quite possibly the most stup idea i’ve ever had i saw it!!! HOW STUPID DO I FEEL??

    Good effort

  39. I’m usually pretty good at these type of puzzles, but, God I must be blind. I’ve looked with my glasses on, off, I’ve squinted my eyes, I’ve looked at it upside down, sideways and I still see one darn tiger, Arghh!!

  40. OMG! That took m a while… here is a good clue for those who are stumped (like me!) Look for the hidden tiger. Don’t look for any random tiger look for THE HIDDEN TIGER!!! I hope that didn’t give it away too much.

  41. Vern gave a very subtle Hint already. Do what he did – look away from image then look again.

    Your looking for “The Hidden Tiger” in the image – lol

    Same subtle hint

  42. I was having trouble until I read the post made by erik- it was a great hint without giving anything away- as soon as I went back to the picture, there it was! Awesome.

  43. FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought I had totally lost my “usually fairly decent” ability to spot illusions. Pre-set ideas can “get ya.”

  44. Found it, (I think). If I’m right, and you’re having trouble, try squinting at the pic (That’s what I did). Try to see without really seeing…am I making any sense?

  45. For all those who cant find it, the best hint would be

    Find “The Hidden Tiger”

    And as andy says, what you read is not always what you think it is

  46. Brilliant… took me a while, (and the hint about what you read is not always what you see)

    Simple and painfully obvious once found…

  47. OK so there is more than one hidden item? I am asking just cause I Think I found 2 hidden “things” I do not want to give it away but has someone else seen it?

  48. You’ll kick yourself when you find it =]

    Keep trying, and remember to think outside of the box.

  49. Easy enough, it’s one that if you don’t get it at first, you keep looking for the wrong thing forever, then end up smacking yourself in the head after you find the actual picture

  50. This is one of those make-you-feel-dumb ones.. I feel dumb for not seeing it right away.

    It’s so good, this is my first comment after a month of viewing these.


  51. I found it…. it took me a bit and I had to click on the image to see it a little bigger but once I did it popped out at me… for those who have not figured it out yet… you are not looking for a second tiger… you are looking for… well… the hidden tiger. *wink!

  52. ahhi CANNOT find it
    someone please help!!
    or give a hint!
    is it in the bamboo?
    its driving me crazyyy

  53. For those of you that have solved it, please give us a helpful hint………………I have spent too much time on this illusion and am getting nowhere.

  54. Wow! Thats really cool! It took me forever to spot it but once I did it seemed sooooo obvious!! LOVE IT!

  55. Aha!… after several minutes I’ve found it. You just need to focus your mind on The hidden tiger

  56. I caught it really fast; then thought, nah…too easy. The sure enough, there she was!

    Love these illusions! Cheers!!

  57. I’ve been looking at this thing for 2 days now with little to no effect.

    Please don’t say things like “just don’t reveal the secret” or “limit your self to one irregularity per post”. People with the answer somehow seem to take that advice literally. I still have one seemingly undiscovered item on “False Perspective”, but does this mean that I am not allowed to share this with others?

    Not knowing the answer somewhat spoils the illusion for me. Besides, the bottom line is that you should not even read the comments until you’re sure that you either understand the illusion, or have given up on it and want the help of others.

  58. I sooooo found it that is really cool i thought there was gonna be two tigers but…..THERE ISNT!!!

  59. Ohhhhhhh! Yeah, it took me like 5 minutes of staring and looking away and staring to finally get this.

  60. Cool.
    It took a couple of minutes to find it. Now, that is all I see and can’t see how I missed it in the first place.

  61. Wow… i found it …. just keep on stareing at the place u least expect it… if i can find it anyone can XD

  62. I saw it right away… very tricky!

    I look at the tiger and wonder “How can anyone NOT see it?”

  63. this is awsum….
    btw this is my favorite site on the web…. look at it every day… keep up the good work


  64. Nifty… Took me a while, but once I got finally figured things out, it was too obvious. For those who can’t seem to get this one, semantics is the key!

  65. This picture is definitely worth a comment! It took me quite a while but then like vern said before I got distracted and when I looked back I spotted the hidden tiger … ;-) keep up the good work!

  66. I had the image open and couldn’t see it. Once I went back to my homepage where its nice and small I noticed it :)

    Very cute.

  67. Awww!! For Pete’s sake!! I looked at that all day and was about in a trance trying to find it! A.J. Thanks for the tip in your comment!

  68. ROTFLMAO!!!!!!

    This morning, I was stumped, then I went to work all day, got home, and I was still stumped, then I found it, and I burst out laughing!!!!!

    If you’re still stumped, here’s a hint: it’s something of a joke.

  69. Wow, that was quite easy but very intertaining. For those of you having trouble, just think about what
    you are looking for.

  70. i don’t know if i am reading too much into this or not, but i actually think i have found 3, i suppose it’s all down to how you choose to percieve the shapes.

    The plot thickens!!

  71. Perhaps a line from the poetry of R. Aguil would clear stuff up,

    Lo/a tiger/ bold and bright/
    the fur shall tell/ of his plight/

    Okay, it doen’t match perfectly but I was thinking of a way to give a subtle hint when I remembered this verse.

  72. Haha, I stared at it for so long not seeing it at all. Now that I get it, it seems impossible that I didn’t see it…

    A hint for others: it’s not another TIGER that’s hidden… it’s called the HIDDEN TIGER illusion…

    Happy hunting! =)

  73. For those who can’t see it you have to spin around 3 or 4 times then tilt your head for 30 seconds one way then another 30 seconds the other way.

  74. WOW….it took me forever to find this but I finally did!! I felt dumb once I realized where it was and what it was. This is great!!

  75. I just about gave up and then I saw it plain as day! It would be hard to give a hint without someone reading more into it than is actually there.

  76. at last… i’ve seen it!

    hint; you aren’t looking for a hidden tiger so much as the hidden tiger.

  77. i saw it immediately. geesh, next we’ll have “the hidden zebra”, or even “the hidden prison cell”.

  78. there is no spoon…….. actually i dont see any second tiger. just the one in the bamboo forest. ive tried all the eye/mind adjustments i know of. and all i can focus on is his stomache being somehow out of place. whats the catch?!?!!?!?

  79. Damn! I can’t believe I spent 10 minutes looking for that. I’m not all that good at illusion spotting though, but still!

  80. *
    I think this illusion is really unfair!

    If you’re still stuck, google for “hidden tiger”.

    This will reveal the trick!


  82. oh my god, now that I see it I feel like a complete idiot! For those of you who are stuck, read the “comments” of the “other” “users.” It helps! “”

  83. That took me FOREVER but my brother pointed it out in 2 seconds. Don’t look for an acutal TIGER, look for The Hidden Tiger. Hope I didn’t give away too much! ;)

  84. erm helloo????
    am gettin really frustrated. is now june 16th and I STILL DON’T SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. ahh wow that was amazing!! i was stumped atvfirst but when i saw it it seemed really obvious lol!! clue for stuck peeps : its like the saying read between the lines u have to look harder

  86. I Have To Say,, It Took Me A While To Find It :) Keep Looking Hard,, And Sure Enough,, “The Hidden Tiger” Is Right In Front Of You :) x

  87. ahh that one is soo cool it took me bout ten mins but when i got it i couldnt stop seeing it!! for any one hu is stuck my clue is like the saying read between the lines!! if u know what i mean!!

  88. At first I thought it was the bush on the left that looks like it could be some kind of animal, but after reading some of these comments I finally got it. It took me about 10 minutes.

  89. OMG i finally found it after i read the A.J. dudes post carefully and yeah-i was looking at the bamboo in the background but then oopsie. so A.J. you are giving it away for peoples.

  90. omg i finally found it!!! *weeps* for all those who r stumped let me just say this… ITS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU

  91. Besides of the hidden tiger, there’s also a HIDDEN LION HEAD in this very image!

    If you don’t believe it, see it outlined here.

  92. Ok, I haven’t read all 200-some-odd posts, but I’ll leave a hint that maybe hasn’t been left yet: stop looking for a hidden tiger, and look for the hidden tiger.

  93. that is a brain teazer. wow its cool. 4 those uv u hoo r stuck look not 4 the hidden tiger but the “hidden tiger”. Am i giving away 2 much? good luck!!! (and my hint WILL help, trust me!!!)

    GOOD LUCK…..

  95. Is it that the tiger we can see is hidden, i.e. hiding from something? I don’t care if i’ve ruined it for everyone, cos itys been annoying me for days!!

  96. That was good. I’m usually smart at these things, but was stumped. I kept reading the hints from the others, and it finally clicked. Thanks for the challenge.

  97. Dude, I finaly found “The hidden tiger” hint hint. I got so frustrated yesterday then I looked back today and POW there it was. That’s so cool.

  98. omg this is so cool! it took me so long before finding it but i finally got it! for those who are still searching, here is a little clue. it is not what you think it is. Good luck!

  99. Oh jeez, there it is. I’ve been staring at this bloody thing for days, and I FINALLY got it. Hidden tiger; heh.

  100. It’s funny, I finally found what I was supposed to based on the comments But I do see other hidden tigers in the picture – one is the face of a tiger in the left half of the tree behind it, and the other looks like a saber tooth tiger in the bamboo just to the right of it – the yellow dots are eyes and it has two long fangs and is peering off to the right.

  101. Oh my GOD I feel like an idiot! To all the people who are getting totally frustrated about the dudes who say not to look for a hidden tiger and look for hte hidden tiger – they’re right. I don’t wanna totally give it away – so I’m just gunna say what everyone else said. Don’t look for “a hidden tiger,” look for “the hidden tiger.” Okay fine, a better hint: Look at the actual tiger, not around it.

  102. This is a very good illusion. I was lost for 2 days! lol.

    Thank you to those who requested a google search AND who said to look for the hidden tiger and not a hidden tiger.

    to those who need help, do the above or…just concentrate on the tiger’s lines.

  103. puuuuuh! 2 days! no solution! now found and it is soooooooo easy to see the “THE HIDDEN TIGER”. good luck from cologne

  104. ?? I don’t see it. I try again and again but.. nothing to see (I know I have a problem to see the good color, so maybe that’s why I can’t). It’s the first illuson I can’t see… Help me please. what’s the size of the tiger? where it is on the picture? I read all the comments, no one help me.
    (sorry for my english, I’m french)

  105. I thought everyone had problems when they kept saying dont look for a hidden tiger look for The hidden tiger but when i found it i was like ohhhhhh lol
    But seriously…look for…’THE HIDDEN TIGER’…dont look around look at the tiger

  106. I’ve found it, at last!!

    At first i tough the “hidden tiger” was ACTUALLY the tiger on the photo.
    But it is not…
    there is another, THE HIDDEN TIGER. And it is REALLY hidden :)

  107. Here’s a hint: Don’t look for the hidden tiger, look for “the hidden tiger”.

    Anyone who has sincerely found it will understand.

  108. There is only one animal in this pic, for those who are still looking for another feline. Look for “THE HIDDEN TIGER”.
    Everyone got it now?

  109. No one has left any really good comments that contain good hints; if you didn’t find it yet, they are all confusing. It does not help that one of the comments are “it has yellow eyes” which has nothing to do with the solution. So since there have been over 300 comments before me, I will give a better clue: you are looking for the actual words “THE HIDDEN TIGER” written somewhere in the picture. Hope this helps all those who are still stumped.
    I found it by google. These comments here were not helping to find it for me.

  110. I thought I found it before, but I was wrong…
    Today I looked at it, and, stumped, read the comments. Eventually, It just clicked. I was looking everywhere EXCEPT at The Hidden Tiger. Then, I decided to stump my sister with it. She literally found it in like two seconds. Grrrrr :P

    hint: Don’t look TOO hard. Look for distinct shapes.

  111. wow i feel like an idiot cause it took me like 3 days to find this…and im usually good at finding those kind of things!! i think thats the best optical illusion ive ever seen!!! :)

  112. For those of you who still can’t see it, here’s another hint that hasn’t been given:

    This illusion wouldn’t work if the instructions/title were translated in any other language.

    It should be fairly easy now.

  113. Small hint… Looks for a part of the pic that hass something that just doesnt seem right. (Like weird)

  114. LOL. I didn’t even know what I was looking for at first and it just popped out at me. I must that is quite clever, I guess this proves that people try too hard when trying to figure out illusions and only look for a certain thing and the obvious things are never noticed.

  115. im so confused!! is the tiger ur ment to find the obvious 1 in the foregriubd of the picture or what? can u not give ahint or something?

  116. Wow, it’s amazing! Really Great! Found it together with my girlfriend after some search-she gave the final comment….

  117. Oh my God I feel like an idiot I just got it…here’s a huge clue…stop looking for a hidden tiger and start looking for “THE HIDDEN TIGER”

  118. OK I admit i am the stupidest person on earth….
    No hint (even explicit ones after google searching) has helped me in anyway and my curiosity is finished. Now I JUST want the answer … somebody pleeease mail it to me, along with the picture, and highlight “The” hidden tiger. I never found out what difference that ‘The’ makes

  119. Finally I figured it out, I was getting so annoyed looking for a second tiger, then the illusion finally appeared, then I felt stupid at how obvious it was.

  120. I can really kick my self i have been looking for “THE HIDDEN TIGER” since FRIDAY now i have found it! at LaaaaasssssT!!!

  121. I haven’t visited this site in over 2 weeks boy have they build up!

    Ok for those still looking this is not an illusion at all but rather look for the details in the painting. Another hint (and this one is a big one) think back to the Camel brand cigarettes.

  122. omg whoever said anything about deformed bushes and such… dont listen… just look ON the gosh darn tiger… if you’ve spent the last 15 min reading all the other posts you deserve this

  123. i saw the answer before i saw the rest of the picture then i proceeded to look for another tiger.. easy but funny

  124. I saw it first couple seconds I looked at picture. I was amused by how everyone says find the hidden tiger. Man if it was for sure pitch black in the picture and I saw it I would drop dead cause thats about all you would see haha.

  125. Well, for no native english speaker it may be bit tough to find it quickly, maybe the words do not pop up so quickly… and then you spot “the sabretooth” bush and elephant clouds or swan or whatever that piece of bush looks like and you are lost until you read about stripes and fur.

    We definitely could not spot it if it was like in arabic or chinese ;-)

  126. Actually there are four tigers:

    1)The obvious one

    2)The deformed bush(centre left)

    3)(a head) Left bamboo tree

    4)(another head) Right bamboo tree

  127. Just found it! took me a week, well like 20 minutes combined. A great illusion! Some interesting conclusions abotu the nature of perception of different visual content forms when mixed, also about priors in search activity.

  128. i think i got it
    but to be sure…
    is it really a “tiger” or something of the same family?

    because what i see isnt a stereotypical “tiger”

  129. I found it!!!!!!

    read Andy’s hint after i read that i found it
    (hint:its not what u think it is)
    meaning your not neccessarily looking for a tiger

  130. Keira;
    wow that was so simple
    it took me like a second to get it
    haha to all you peeps who cant find it
    tip. stop looking for the obvious

  131. Well….. i can only tell yall, there is the tiger that’s you clearly see,” The Hidden Tiger”, anf a hidden tiger

  132. haha that was so wierd you kinda give up and then straight away you find it. haha i like this one. :)

  133. For those of you who say the hidden tiger is in the bushes, bamboo, and/or has yellow eyes: you’re wrong! For those of you who can’t find it, ignore those people I just mentioned. But the clues given are more than enough to find it.

    Here are all the good hints:
    1.- There is only one animal in the picture (the obvious tiger. No this is not the hidden tiger).
    2.- Look at the tiger itself.
    4.- Look away from the picture for a short moment, then quickly glance at it. Your eyes will focus on the solution if you do it correctly.

    I’m sorry if this is too much, but if these don’t help, then you’ll probably never find it…

  134. Everyone’s hints were kinda confusing until I clicked on the image to inlarge it, and then I saw what everyone meant by “THE HIDDEN TIGER” Cleaver!!:)

  135. Officially, the hidden tiger is meant to be just the female one clearly visible in the picture. However, there is another hidden tiger, a male one, approaching the female one from behind the reeds.

  136. that is soooo kool……u have to look for the ‘HIDDEN TIGER’….not as obvious as i thought it would be

  137. Ok I found the hidden tiger, I just wanna know where do you see the hidden I’s. There aren’t any!

  138. That was cool! And everyone who was showing off by saying it’s easy, you guys are stupid. Cuz it wasn’t what you would expect.

    A hint for those who are stuck – Don’t get confused by looking at the scenery. The answer lies within. xD

  139. pretty cool :)
    took me a few seconds to get it which is surprising as im usually rubbesh at illusions.
    lets have more! :D

  140. OMG i cant beleive it

    it took me about 10-15 minutes too

    It’s a Beautiful tiger too

    (the obvious one)

  141. this isn’t a cool illusion. It’s a literacy test. Advice: don’t read the title, read the tiger.

  142. Don’t you hate it when people say the illusion sucks (or ‘sux’) just because they can’t find it? It’s not the illusion that sucks, it’s THEM.

  143. THINGS AREN’T ALWAYS WHAT THEY SEEM! DON’T GIVE UP! I would tell you all, but that would spoil it. GOOD LUCK!

  144. OMG!!! it took me like a year but i finally did. I know i found it but i still think it wasn’t easy.

  145. lol you people are assholes… the ANSWER is: The stripes of the tiger spells out “the hidden tiger” there is no actual tiger thats hidden in the image.

  146. It took a little while but after reading a few of the comments it just jumped out at me and then I was just like OH man there it is! Nice one :)

  147. omg i felt really slow bc i was reading every1 else’s comments, then i looked back at it and i finally got it. ure really not looking for a tiger at all, and if u look too closely, ure gonna miss it

  148. omg…
    thats how i felt when i saw it

    finaly it took me for ever im sorry i would help but it says not to revail it and if i give you a hint its too avius becase its

  149. WoW, thanks to andy i started to think: maybe it doesn’t looks like a tiger but more like “the hidden tiger”. Then when i clicken the picture for a bigger version, tadaa, there it is… its realy great bytheway…

  150. That is seriously clever! took me forever to see it but now i do its just awsome!
    It isnt the obvious one but look closley.

  151. omg that took me ages 2 figure that out but once u see it it becomes so obviouse when u see it.
    it actually meens look for the hidden tiger not just any tiger

  152. WoW….i’ve look @ this pic all day, can couldn’t find it…then i was like ok 1 more time…and I FOUND IT!! kinda tricky tho =-]

  153. ok every1 stfu for once in your life and just tell them “the hidden tiger” is written on the actual tiger and made 2 look striped

  154. Ayyyy, pasé varios minutos buscando! hasta que por fin di con é, es más sencillo de lo que imaginaba!!!

  155. Oh mi gosh. I was totally looking in the wrong place. I found it though! I was staring at the trees in the back ground for 5 minutes… then I looked somewhere else.

  156. oh my gosh. that took me FOREVER. i’m it’s 2 am and i’m leaving at 6…i really should be sleeping, and i have to pack. i just wish it hadn’t taken me SO FREAKIN LONG!

  157. Waaaah
    I feel like a stupid
    It’s very very ovbious.. The hidden tiger hahaha how couldn’t I see it?

  158. i REALLY REALY REALLY dont get it!!! is there supposed to e another tiger apart from the obvious one?

  159. for all you frustrated people…i didn’t get it at first, but after reading some comments, i finally got it. mind you….i didn’t try very hard or have very much patience. so the answer is this: the words “The Hidden Tiger” are in the stripes of the tiger.

  160. omg guyz dats so cool! i cudnt get it da first time i saw it but den i tried lookin at it lyk sideways nd stuff nd it became so obvious! LOL!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D

  161. ehmagawd, how ahb-vious is that?! I can’t believe it took me, like, a month to figure out that it was written in strpies! I thought we were actually looking for another animal!

  162. WOW!

    well it wasnt wat i woz expecting but its very cool!

    thanx 2 every1 who said 2 look at the stripes, & 4 all those who cant c it,well…


  163. It took me like forever and then my little sister found it in all of one second…..doh…….I feel stupid…….Ishould just accept it and move on. HINT: look at the actual tiger to find “THE HIDDEN TIGER” if you dont get it now just ask your little sister…

  164. OMG!!! i thought the hidden tiger is another thing!!!

    i was wrong!!!! xD

    ahhaaa… please at least put a spoiler warning. =/

  165. lol i didnt think it was going to be an actual tiger so when i saw that tree that kinda looks like a “g”, i was like it must be over there but Numenor’s hint helped me only i didnt have to look away as soon as i focused on it i could see it

  166. Alright, I’ve spent 3 hours looking at this picture, and I’m stumped! Your clues are making me feel like an idiot. (I’m only 11, so no-one think I’m stupid!)

  167. I found it! I found it! It took me a week, looking at it everyday! Here’s a better hint, (The answer’s in orange and white!) Hope that’s not too much of a clue!

  168. What a great illusion! I felt so stupid when I read all the comments but then it just jumped out at me! Brilliant! Love the site!

  169. wow, this one has stumped me for months so i just left it, then i came ack to it and read some of the comments, and my dog barked and it made me jump when i loked back i saw it imeadiately :)nice ilusion[as usual]

  170. The tiger’s stripes spell out the words “THE HIDDEN TIGER.”

    Good grief, I can’t believe it was the 383rd comment that finally spelled it out explicitly.

  171. I looked @ it for about 10 mins for 3 days this is the fourth day and now i realise it iant always whhat they say

    its soo easy now!!!1

  172. lol!!! I Thought There Was A Tiger In The Bushes In The Right Hand Corner At The Bottom. The Yellow Things On The Leaves Were The Eyes The White Leafs Underneith Were The Teeth… ANYWAY My Friend Pointed It Out And Now I Feel Dumb… xD Thats Good Though!

  173. Hint: You might need to enlarge the photo to see it properly…that’s what worked for me. Clear as day in a larger picture.

  174. oh my gosh, i can’t believe how long it took me to find it! i opened looked away and then looked back at it and it was right there!

  175. I couldn’t see the image at first because I was over-analyzing it too much…

    And then I found it and said, “Duh”

    If you’re still stumped then don’t over analyze it too much… take a look at the picture and keep the tiger in mind.

  176. lol every1 has said that it was hard but it took me like 3-4 seconds i swear to god it actually is very hard to find but i just happened to cathc it and whoever posted the comment b4 me is retarded-look again

  177. VERY CLEVER!!!!!!!
    i was looking for ages and then i focused on a certain thing and found it

    2 hints
    and look for the “hidden tiger”
    take that last quote logically…

  178. Omg this took me 3 days and i asked mah friends and then she sed the next day what it was lol!

    Look ‘outside’ the box!

    Luve this website!

  179. That took me forever. for those who gave up and want to know, you just need to concentrate on the tiger itself (the stripes) you’ll see it!!!

  180. That took me forever. for those who gave up and want to know, you just need to concentrate on the tiger itself (the stripes) you’ll see it!!!

  181. ****this contains some spoiler****

    i saw 2 tiger’s head (bamboo background, (one left and one to the right), 1 full tiger (the obvious) and the text itself, THE HIDDEN TIGER(tiger’s body).
    lucky! =) BTW, it’s cccooollllll!!

  182. I think this is the best illusion on the site, its brilliant! I spent ages looking for it but once you find it, it seems so obvius =]

  183. oh jus got it! hint for those in need, aj said he is into hidden MESSAGES and also you might not be looking for wat you think you are:the thing you are looking for is coulered black

    All I can see is this one tiger!
    I’ve looked about a billion times! (Yes, that was exaggeration. But I mean it! I looked a lot of times!)

    Ok fine, I’ll play along. Yipee, I found a hidden tiger. It’s right there. Yep. It’s that orange one in the middle of the picture.

    IS THAT IT??? (Doubt it though.)

    Can someone please tell me where to at least LOOK. Up, down, left, right? Upside down??!? Is it bigger or smaller than the obvious tiger???

  185. every one is tring to be so smart

    some didnt see it but were tryin to be dumb smart
    its written on the body of the only tiger as ‘the hidden tiger’

    the tiger stripes are letters!

  186. Good one! I am not good at things like these – but this one worked well. One hint. Don’t stare or go cross-eyed… Not one of those illusions…

  187. I’m pretty sure I found it now…my friend told me it.
    Well, I’ll give y’all a HUGE hint! It’s on the right side of the picture, and the figure is around the same size (but a little smaller) than the obvious tiger.
    (Hope it helps!)

    But I don’t think it was fun looking for it. More like a chore, but I *did* want to find out!

  188. Err.. i wouldnt listen to katt… its not so much the hidden tiger as THE HIDDEN TIGER. At first i did think it was the head in the trees on the left, but it was way more obvious than that. Not really correct to call it a ‘figure’ either. (big clue there)

    and another clue for auzzie kids.. Ever read a Greame Base picture book?
    Think “The Eleventh Hour”


  189. It is not an acutal hidden tiger it is the words hidden tiger and ther right i the middle of the picture it took me 1 second to find i also found an acual hiden tiger in the trees too

  190. *******ANSWER*******

    Finally found it, that’s a good one.
    For those who haven’t found it and want to know, it’s not another tiger, it’s the words “the hidden tiger” in the stripes.

    ******* END OF ANSWER*******
    ******* END OF ANSWER*******
    ******* END OF ANSWER*******
    ******* END OF ANSWER*******



    and if anyone has actually managed to read all the way down the page without getting the answer… my advice is… go back and look closer at comment… er… 454, for example, or maybe 489…

    also you are a freak

  192. zomg this is incredible!

    i was staring like O: O:
    where’s the tiger

    and i read all the comments and i was like OHHH.

  193. omg
    that took me over half an hour
    i read all the posts and only one helped
    jst a clue
    you are not looking for a tiger
    you are looking for THE HIDDEN TIGER
    i stole that off someone soz

  194. omg…..i kept on reading ppls comments and still didn’t get it until one guy said to look at the stripes……then i saw it!!!!!!!! this is totally awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  195. omg! i feel soo stupid! lol! my friend and i found it and i was like this is retarded cuz she found it and i didnt! im going to die! jk

  196. man i outsmarted myself LOL

    Once you find it you will know – its not that tricky dont think too much


  197. If you are a fan of mystery novels you will recall that the last place people look is right under their noses right? If you do then think about the most least likely place you would find a hidden tiger or “THE HIDDEN TIGER”

  198. All those people that cant find it, heres the spoiler, it’s not a real tiger, think about when people ask you what your name is and then they tell you How do you spell “IT” and its I-T

  199. To number 34: WHAT???? Yellow eyes??? And maybe my eyes are bad, but I couldn’t see it when I stood back, only when I was close up.

  200. Basically I have been spending the last 50 minutes just staring at the background! You stole my precious time, but I don’t blame you, I’m not a native speaker, so it’s probably my fault – I guess I leave your language alone. Good Picture anyway. Greetings from Germany -Mairgus

  201. Didn’t find it until I enlarged the image…I figured out what to look for in the comments, but finally found where! Yay!

  202. omg!! i tried to do every thing i could posibly do..i was about to google it..i shrinked it and i enlarged it..
    nd now that i found it i feel realy stupid…thanks andy!!


    the answer is that the tigers stripes when you look at them read out “the hidden tiger” i dont mean to ruin the illusion i just know this was too lame and not fun anymore for me until i finally found it maybe this will help someone enjoy the illusion

  204. absolute spoiler (as you’d only scroll down this far if you really wanted to know where it is.)

    it’s text written in the fur pattern of the tiger.

  205. YAY~!!! I found it!

    Hint: “The Hidden Tiger” is not an image. Read this: “THE HIDDEN TIGER”, then go back to the image and look for it.

    Or maybe that was too big a hint…

  206. I’ll admit it took me two minutes. I was thinking, “Now, if I were the artist of this lovely painting, where would I wish, ultimately, to direct the public’s gaze…certainly not into the…” And I saw it.

  207. oh, there it is, thanks to Louis (#103)
    it is interesting that I also found a half face that I thought might be the “hidden tiger”; its off to the side in the tree

  208. Oh, ok I get it. ~ !!!DONT LOOK IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW!!! ~ Here is a hint. Look at the tiger closely…

  209. oh my! that is clever.. i was like what the heck and i waas trying to find the exact thing in the bamboo and i wouldnt and then i read a clue and then oooh!!

  210. oh very cool but quite easy. i didnt get it right away but after reading a few comments…. i think a.j. (#2) was more helpful than andy
    hint: are you looking for a tiger?

  211. anyone need a hint? Heres’s one. what’s around the tiger dosen’t matter, but the tiger does, for he holds the mes—-.

  212. Yeah very good!! Took a while but as you say, it is all in the words!! Best hint i can give is to look away and then look back!

  213. omg i nearly kicked myself after i was looking at it for 10 mins lol how could i be so dumb trust me it isnt wat u think it is

  214. AHA!!! I caught it!!! it was just in front of me all along. To those who can’t find it, all i can say is think widely :-)

  215. To all those who revealed the answer of this exciting, mysterious, heart-stopping, mind-bending, hallucinating, hypnotic, secretive, amazing, unfammabe, exhilirating illusion…


  216. I’m not sure if this is a spoiler or not, I’m not even sure if I’m correct! But is THE HIDDEN TIGER the tree foilage in the background? cos it KIND OF looks like a tiger’s face (the leftmost tree with bamboo shooting upwards on it!)

  217. This is REALLY COOL!!! took me a LONG time… haaa but finally got it..
    Reaaly tricky…. nice work!
    Love ur site btw!!

  218. I cant find it even though i’ve been looking for a week but no results

    I really need someone to help me

  219. =OOOO i found it ^_^ thats so stealthy xD I actually found it by looking at it upside down. O_o

  220. Wow, soo tricky it took me ageeeeees!
    I think it is very stupid that the person who posted this said not to tell anyone, coz everyone who cant find it is just gonna get pissed off and go to the next one like i was about to.




  221. For those who can´t find it: The second(!) Tiger is from the middle to down right. It has yellow (2 yellow spots, witch look like eyes) eyes and his body is the shadow of the bamboo. I hope you can see ist now! Its realy cool, but difficult i my opinion.


  222. LOL omg. i looked for the hidden tiger and after a minute I gave up…..i glanced back and there it was XD
    god i feel so stupid XD

  223. Hahahaha, that is absolutely brilliant.

    For anyone who is stuck, listen to what people are saying. You’re not looking for a tiger, you’re looking for “THE HIDDEN TIGER

  224. Aha! Very tricky… at first I was like what the hell? and then I saw a bigger version of it, and I smacked myself in the head for being such an idiot. xD

  225. okay so for everyone who STILL doesnt see >THE HIDDEN TIGER<
    maybe try not looking into the green? XD

  226. Haha that was heaps tricky!! I wouldn’t have found it if I hadn’t read Andy’s helpful comment


  227. wow…some people really dont think…..

    SPIOLER: look at the tigers stripes
    , it says: “THE HIDDEN TIGER” on it

  228. I found 2 tigers and a panther’s face. But I still can’t find the word “Tiger” in there anywhere.

    What’s the deal ?
    There is a hidden tiger picture in there btw. Are you guys just teasing about word-play and there being text in there ?

  229. omg O.o Found it. took me a while, tough.
    Here is a hint:
    don’t go everywhere looking for the tiger, the tiger is just in front of you!! :D search for THE HIDDEN TIGGER!!!!!

  230. i will spill the beans (this comment is only intended for people who are about to kill them sefl over the illusion) there is no icturre of a tigger. read the stripes and they spel out the “hiden tiger” in really messy writting.

  231. Hey, to all you idiots out there, it’s soooooo easy. I got it after looking for like 20 seconds. You take things to literally. You’re not looking for a hidden tiger, you’re looking for the words. Which spoiler: Can be found by looking at the tiger that’s there. HINT HINT COUGH COUGH. Okay, no one is an idiot, but yea there’s the spoiler. Haha! Enjoy!

  232. Oh no, I thought it should be much bigger, but it was very cool! It sure took time for me to see it :P I admire this kind of art, would like to do these things by myself too! Nice!! :)

  233. OMG!!!! lsn people ill tell you where it is!
    the thing is that if you look at the tiger’s stripes, surprise surprise, you the THE HIDDEN TIGER great illusion though i was about to cry when i couldnt find it haha good times :)


  235. this is bloody evil lol. 10 minutes of being wound up then i just glance and spot it

    the hidden bloody tiger.

  236. umm.. it took me foreva but for those people stuck, its on the tiger in the middle… the stripes :P.

    sorry for spoiling it. :(

  237. i think i found it im not sure =/

    its kinda weird

    and if it is what i think it is then i mightbe wrong becuase it could just be behind the other one

  238. Wow! I didnt see it, and then I saw the comment about looking at it far away, so I leaned back in my chair and POP! I saw the eyes first and when I leaned closer I saw the stripes, the nose, and finally the mouth. COOL!

  239. I had to go on another site to look at hints in the comments lol, all I can say is to ‘Read between the lines’…, sorry!

  240. some of you people are retarded. There is no picture of a tiger hidden in the painting, the words “the hidden tiger” are written in the tigers stripes

  241. the paragraph wrote: White Bengal Tiger, and if u click it, you will realize the white bengal tiger is white.

    Thus the orange tiger u see in the picture is the hidden tiger.

  242. OK… try looking at the first tiger… hope that helps, it’s really simple!
    hope that didn’t give it away!
    xxx good luck xxx

  243. omg after soooo much time i seriously found it!

    HINT:there is something wierd about the obvious tiger…namley phisicaley wierd

  244. ha ha ha…very clever…. or perhaps not…. there was me staring into space, squinting and basically hurting my eyes to get it….

    and it’s right there in front of you!

    but where?

    Read between the lines I was always told!

  245. Look at the obvious tiger. There is something hidden there . . . do a Windows Live Search on The Hidden Tiger . . . you will find the answer. Oh, and I’m young too. I couldn’t find it for a while.

  246. here is another hint, if you can’t finder a PICTURE of the “hidden tiger, then what else can you look for besides a picture.

    if you still don’t know the answer email me at and i might just tell you. but don’t tell anyone else.

  247. cool this took me about 5 mins 2 spot
    people who need help just look at the tiger and concentrate on the words the hidden tiger

  248. I spent about 10 mins looking at the darn bamboos!! Just to find that what i was looking wasnt there!!! Very Clever

  249. I found it. thats too cool. but when the secret is revieled i’ll post where there is something else besides “the hidden tiger” hidden in the photo. I about S**T when I found it in the photo also,after I already found “the hidden tiger”.
    really cool illusion. the creator of this page can Email me @ for what else is hidden.

  250. Oh it took about half a minute, but i found it. hmm i thought it would be different, so i was looking everywhere else but there-that’s a hint for people who can’t find it

  251. Why NOBODY tells where this “hiden tiger” is?-__- Perhaps because NOBODY really knows?? You can simply write “For who don’t want to know the answer: don’t read!!”, and post the answer…or I simply state that NONE of you had actually found the tiger….

  252. I found the hidden “Tiger” But I’ve seen it before. Ok, so those who wanted a hint, you are NOT looking for a tiger. I also saw an insaing antelope with yellow eyes :D.

  253. dude that was hilarious
    my brother was all… WHAT?!
    and then i pointed it out n he still didnt see it.
    lol dude

  254. Hahaha! Wow, that’s brilliant! I was almost getting angry with myself and was about to give up when I found the answer! Wauw, that’s great! Love that one! I was looking and looking and reading answers to find the solution, reading the text for the image, looked at the other pictures you had linked, and Finally! In the end! I found the answer! Now I can move on to the next one ;D

  255. Okay, Im sorry ..
    this is a SPOILER!
    look away now if you do NOT want to know!
    Oay, the words ‘The Hidden Tiger’ are written on the Tiger’s body.

    Im sorry I wrote this down, but after spending AN HOUR (on and off) on this illusion, I feel really sorry for everyone who hasn’t been able to see it!

  256. this really annoyed me. so here is the spoiler. stop reading this now if you would not like to know the answer. ok then look for writting on the tiger.

  257. haha I found it!

    I was looking for like 10 mins then I read some comments and I saw it! Made me laugh

    Feel kinda dumb for missing something right under my nose hahaha…=]

  258. If you want I will tell you, Look at the stripes on the tiger. I looked at it for an hour and I finally got it. LOL

  259. Lol, now I saw it but that is totally piece of crap. That’s my honest opinion. And those who said that is cool are probably some retards. That wasn’t even cool…

  260. **SPOILER**
    ”The Hidden Tiger” is in the stripes.It says ”The Hidden Tiger”

    :0 :) ;0 ;) $) #0 =) =0
    0:) 0:) 0:0 0;) 0;0

  261. Ahha

    I found it, cleverly disguised

    Hint, Look at the tiger very closely, then the message will appear, scan your eyes across the Tiger

  262. SPOILER

    The words ‘The Hidden Tiger’ can be read on the tiger’s stripes’

    End of Spoiler

    Note, although the post said don’t spoil it for others, this has gone on for long enough, and plenty of people cannot see it – there’s no reason not to help em out (without giving the exact same clue as everyone else.)

  263. OMG This is so cool!

    OK, for people who are struggling I will tell you a few hints:

    “The Hidden Tiger” is on the tiger! (the obvious one!)

  264. finaly found it!!! it took me 20 minutes but i finaly got it!!! verry smart!!
    love your site keep up the goodwork

  265. gosh…. I do feel stupid … for those who can’t see it, all i can say is that it’s right in front of ur eyes!I hope that’s not to direct? ^^

  266. Ok for people who don’t know, here’s a hint: “Read between the lines.” That’s all I’m going to say.

    Hehe, I was a bit disapointed when I found the hidden tiger cause I was excpecting something else :P
    Good illusion though. :D

  267. Absolutely brilliant. For those stuck, here’s a BIG clue:

    Look the one place you would never expect it to be.

    I thought it was somewhere it wasn’t, but once you find it it’s horrifically obvious.

    For the record I was stuck forever.

  268. I just found it. Took me a while but I found it. Just keep looking it’s there. Once you found it you’re gonna ask yourself. How is it that I see it sooner?

  269. Omg I kept searching everywhere for clues. I FINALLY found it, I feel really dumb lol. Anyway, a hint I would give is, use your imagination when reading what your suppose to find. Just sit and think about it for a second.

  270. I’m confused.. Is it supposed to be the words “The Hidden Tiger” on the tiger. or is that just the name of the illusion?

  271. Wow it took me a min. I had to click on the picture to make it bigger. But I found it! Thats pretty cool.

  272. HAHAHa

    OMFG so intense,
    it took me 28 minutes
    omg im an idiot.

    i wanted people to tell me but now that i no
    its TOO good to tell

  273. Here I was looking at the eye on the tiger’s ass! Oops.. -_-‘
    Lol, this is good.
    To those stuck; as others have said, look at what you’ve read. “The HIDDEN Tiger.” I’m not going to say anything else.


  275. AWWW now I feel all stupid inside I’ll give you a hint it is actually truley “THE HIDDEN TIGER” Look at the tiger’s neck

  276. You want a hint? Here it is… It’s right smack dab in front of you! If you still don’t find it, just look for *THE HIDDEN TIGER*

  277. omg I couldn't find it and had to send it to my friend ><"
    for those confused: it's not as hidden as you think.

  278. Hahah, this one is very hard.. here is a hint for the guys that is still searching:

    “Read between the lines”

  279. hahaha i felt like an idiot already, reading all the comments and still not having figured out :DD but Alisha’s clue is really good! :) tnx..i immediatelly saw it

  280. Found it!! At last. Very good pic. Thought I would never find it. THE HIDDEN TIGER! I thought it was about a tiger to be found in the pic. Really great!!

  281. What a crappy illusion.
    I was expecting something amazing in the bushes – Something like a green tiger melded into the shape of the plants.

    What a disappointment.

    Clue: Dont look… Read.

  282. OMG. After a loooooooooooooong time, I finally got it cause my sis showed me! This is a really a cool illusion.

  283. this one had me angry… but once i saw it i felt dumb for not seeing it right away…. focus on the tiger, the hidden tiger will appear


    Clue: The obvious tiger has the answer…

    …and make sure you click on the image first for full size

  285. Oh Wow Thats SUPER Clever Don’tcha Think’??

    Took Me Ages But Then I Found It…

    Puzzling But Ingenious

  286. I ´ve seen it after one second but that is not clever… a hint… maybe it says too much: The hidden Tiger is there in an other way!

  287. I’m gonna have to say that “Z” gave the best comment here; I actually found the “Hidden Tiger” but thought that it was just coincidental; I thought that I should’ve taken it more literal than it really was. Think more about this: the hidden tiger isn’t a tiger. In fact, it’s grammatically incorrect to use “the” in front of most sentences containing “hidden tiger.” If you don’t get it, watch more Chinese films.

  288. Since there’s a ton of posts from people who can’t find the hidden tiger, and nobody’s posted the solution, here it is.

    If you seriously CAN’T find “THE HIDDEN TIGER”, try looking at the stripes of the tiger, and you’ll see “THE HIDDEN TIGER” spelled out.

  289. omg every one is talking about how smart the phrase “the hidden tiger” is, but i dont even know what it means :(

    can someone please give me a clue pleeeeaaaaaasssssssseee

  290. It must be a very bad drawing of the tiger. I shrunk it. Inverted the photo color, shrunk image, and inlarged it and i couldnt see anythin. Please give it away

  291. This one took me FOREVER to see, I was to busy looking for what I thought I should find. Love this one it is obvious ONCE you finally SEE the keep up the good work, I have this on my homepage and enjoy seeing a newone each day!

  292. OH MY GOSH! i can’t believe i didn’t see that?!
    i had to googe a hint…
    i feel SOO stupid
    its not as easy as it looks
    hint: “read between the lines”

  293. if you want to know the answer….

    the stripes on the tiger make up the words “the hidden tiger”

  294. i’ ve found it jejeje i was like going to surrender wen i i looked at the photo and bam the hidden tiger was there jajaja…

  295. "THE HIDDEN TIGER" SO TO SAY….OR SPELL WATEVA is right there >>>smallhint<<<<

  296. great one haha i feel a idiot no if you dont get it and are feeling “STRIPED” look at the tiger for the THE HIDDEN TIGER”

  297. Ohhhh… My God. It took me at least 15 minutes. haven’t got it because of the hints. But its at least not as rad as many people say :D

  298. I was stumped at first but thanks to a clue from andy, (the fourtenth commentor) I finally figured it out…so, thanks andy… but that is so awesome I laughed my head off when I realized…lol.

  299. It’s not an actual tiger! Look at his stripes! They spell out the phrase “THE HIDDEN TIGER”. It took me like 3 seconds.
    i’m glad to be the second spoiler, even though I wanted to be the first.

  300. oh my god that iss sooo simple people are blind not to see that!:L
    i cant believe you cant see it (THE HIDDEN TIGER!!) x

  301. LOL!!!!! If you have seen the video, Awareness Test, it tells you. With the other illusions, you’d have to look and look and look for hours. This one, you would suspect that it is hidden. There is in fact only one tiger in the picture. You are too busy trying to find a tiger, that you don’t realize it is there. Clever

  302. OMG……. like someone said previously…… when you read it try not to overlook the obvious when it comes to the title.

  303. what is this?? some kind of joke, i really can’t find it are there supposed to be 2 or just the one i spotted in one second(the really obvious one)