Hand Painting Billboard Collection

Christina Bad has been following our little website for over a year now, and “absolutely loves it“! Some of the hand paintings she sent were already featured on this site, but luckily – not all of them. Old time viewers will immediately recognize Guido Daniele’s style and signature. I really enjoy when such great content gets discovered, and then professionally produced by advertising agencies. In this case Guido’s “handimals” were used to promote Body Art & Graffitti Expo by uShaka Village Walk. Enjoy!

23 Replies to “Hand Painting Billboard Collection”

  1. i think the fish is the best.. its a bit hard to pick out the dolphin because the nail on the thumb is really distracting… and the bottom snake one isn’t really convincing..

    1. It’s not a snake, it’s a sea turtle. The dolphin looking one is actually a whale

    1. Love the Nemo one ( reminds me of my late husband Was tired of seeing kiddies movies in the bioscope but love Nemo )

  2. Thanks for posting these!!! I had seen these types of paintings on this website before so I thought that it would be cool to send these ones in!

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