Dorm Room Doors Optical Illusion

One of our loyal fans, sent us these two funny pictures (another one inside the post). They were previously posted on college humor where our fan found them – but the origin is unknown. This loaded tons of ideas in my head… can’t wait to visit my friend who lives in a college dorm and share this with him!

23 Replies to “Dorm Room Doors Optical Illusion”

  1. Why only dorm rooms? This would be an ideal project for a kids room.

    Any hints as to how many pics were used to form the complete image? Any hints on what was used to stitch it together?

  2. haha i like the first one…only bad thing is that if you look real closely you can see the door handel to the real door! anyways its awsome!-

  3. the first one u can see the edges to all the different photos but still kl. i luv it, doing it 2 my door as soon as i can get a digital camera…

  4. well rootman i think if u count the paper on there u will get on the big on 4 X 9 or 4 X 10 and the little one 2 X 2!

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